How A Last-Minute Gift from Dad Became My Lifeline on a Dark, Deserted Road
Discover What Turned My Worst Night into a Blessing in Disguise
Wednesday, September 6, 2023 / By Ryan Longbert
Low tire pressure might not sound like a big deal, but on a dark night in the middle of nowhere it’s terrifying.
Navigating college life comes with its own set of challenges. Throw in car troubles, and suddenly you're faced with unexpected roadblocks - both literally and figuratively.
Honestly, I've been behind the wheel since I turned 17, and if there's one thing I always dreaded, it was dealing with those pesky tires. Fumbling with pressure gauges and air pumps? Totally out of my comfort zone. I mean, I could barely remember to get gas, let alone ensure my tires had the right air pressure!
My dad is a real car guy, and loves everything about gadgets. But I always thought it was boring growing up, and when he’d offer to show me the basics about my car, I’d find myself listening without my full attention.
But trust me, if I knew then what I know now, I would've listened. Luckily for me, my dad always has my back when it comes to my car.
How My Drive Back to College Nearly Became My LAST Drive
The end of summer vacation is always bittersweet, isn't it?
I was leaving home, ready to dive back into my sophomore year of college. California in my rearview, Oregon waiting for me, I embarked on what was supposed to be a smooth 7-hour drive back to campus.
I could have flown, sure - but have you seen the cost of tickets these days? It would have cost me as much as a semester. (Not quite, but on a college budget, I’d drive any day.)
Plus, not having a car while you’re in college is just awful.
Everything kicked off pretty standard. With a playlist full of my summer favorites, I started the drive, memories of home and sunshine keeping me company. My friends were all texting about move-in day and class schedules, and I was halfway tempted to post a road-trip selfie.
However, about a half hour into my drive a notification on my phone caught my eye. Roadwork for the next 50 miles , it said. Shortly after, another ding: Accident on the 1-5. Expect rerouting and delays .
Great. Well, at least I was fully gassed up and had snacks.
An Unexpected Turn
An hour after the phone notifications about accidents and construction, it began...
The traffic. It was bumper to bumper on the main highway back to my college state. Honestly, the traffic didn’t bother me too much; there were gas stations all along that highway. 
What really started to worry me was when I got rerouted. 
Between the construction and an accident, the CalTrans workers forced all of us to redirect onto rural side roads. But it was still fine, right? I had my GPS.
Until one by one, the other cars found their way home…
And soon, I was the only one on these rural side roads. And then, my cell service went out. 
So I was driving blind, only relying on the preloaded route the GPS had set for me. 
It wasn't long after, maybe just 45 miles down that unfamiliar road, when my car began behaving oddly.
The vibrations, the strange noise-everything signaled a problem I wasn't prepared for.
Looking to my phone for answers, I remembered: no service. And those accident and construction notifications from earlier now seemed like an omen. 
A sinking feeling of regret washed over me as I thought back to the warning sign and the realization hit: I didn't have a spare tire
Panic set in; I was truly, utterly stranded. Or so I thought .
My Tire Was Dangerously Low… and I Had No Cell Service
Desperation took hold. Here I was, stranded on a desolate road, late at night, with no cell service. 
Driving further with such a flat tire would be a grave risk, especially on these unfamiliar, winding roads. I thought about waiting for a kind stranger or hoping to eventually get a signal on my phone to call for help, but both seemed like long shots.
That's when I remembered my dad made an “emergency kit” for me when I first left for college.
With a glimmer of hope, I popped the trunk open and started rummaging through. There it was: a compact device nestled among my luggage.
The box said “Airmoto Smart Air Pump”.
I’d never been so grateful for my dad as in that moment.
I plugged it in, crossing my fingers it'd work some magic. My tire was down to a scary 15 PSI! 
But this little Airmoto thing seemed pretty sure of itself, claiming it'd pump the tire back up to a comfy 35 PSI in no time.
Honestly? At first, I was like, "No way." The thing's tinier than my reusable water bottle! How on earth could it handle fixing my super flat tire, especially with all the weight of my stuff in the car? But as it started working its magic, I watched in shock as my tire started looking like... well, a tire again.
I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. This wasn't just some random gadget; it was a total game changer. There's no way I'm driving anywhere without my Airmoto now. 
As soon as I was back on the road and had service again, I saw I’d missed tons of calls from my parents. After all, I should have been home by now, and I promised I’d call my mom when I was halfway there. 
The first thing I said when my dad picked up was, “I was stranded, dad. That little device you gave me was incredible.”
And I could hear the smile on his face as he said, “Airmoto saved my baby.”
What Is Airmoto?
The savior of my highway nightmare is a pocket-sized air pump! Not only is this gadget rechargeable, but it's also user-friendly and insanely convenient.
Though it's incredibly compact, don't let its size fool you. Hidden inside is an air hose accompanied by a range of connectors suitable for a myriad of inflatables. 
Power it up, connect it to your tire, and the LED display will clearly show you its current pressure. 
It’s a college girl’s (or anyone in a sticky situation’s) new bestie.
Why I’m Never Driving Without It Again
Honestly, how did I ever feel safe commuting to and from college without this?
Using it is a breeze…even someone with zero car experience like me can handle it. (AND I was able to use it for the first time in the dark!)
Step 1:
Just hit that power button and select car mode.
Step 2:
Connect the hose to your tire, push the main button, and watch Airmoto get to work.
Step 3:
As soon as your tire hits the target PSI, Airmoto knows its job's done and powers down on its own.
Just set it, forget it, and carry on jamming to your road trip playlist!
Airmoto Inflates Almost Anything
If you have a dad who likes tech, you know how stoked they get about their gadgets. My dad talked my ear off most of the drive home about how useful Airmoto would be for me, beyond just the car.
He rambled on for ages, telling me how it’d work for everything from my favorite inflatable homework chair to my mountain bike.
Despite its pocket-sized appearance, Airmoto boasts the capacity to reach up to an impressive 120 PSI. That’s as much as a gas station air pump! Imagine effortlessly inflating bike tires to their max without the struggle of a hand pump.
Smaller than your average water bottle, it's your perfect biking companion, fitting snuggly into a backpack or side pouch.
But the Airmoto magic doesn't stop there. It can handle:
  • Your favorite basketballs, footballs, or soccer balls
  • Tires, from bicycles to cars, motorcycles, and even dirt bikes
  • Fun inflatable tubes for that weekend at the lake
  • Mobility aids like golf carts, UTVs, and ATVs
  • Yard equipment like riding lawn mowers and compact tractors
  • Splashy pool toys for summer fun
  • And so many more handy applications!
So, by now you must be thinking...
How Much Is It?
I was having lunch with my roommate and her mom a few weeks into the semester and was telling them the story of how Airmoto potentially saved my life.
“I’ve got to get one for Savannah!” her mom said. “God knows we’ve spent enough on tow trucks and tire changes for her - she seems to find every rock on the road and run it over! It would save us a ton.”
I mean, she isn’t wrong! After all, it’s already saved me over a grand in potential tire replacements, towing fees, and not to mention all the wasted time and frustration. 
Typically, Airmoto goes for $129 plus shipping. But think about it. If you weigh that against unnecessary mechanic visits, premature tire replacements, or even the sheer inconvenience of tracking down a gas station for some air, it's an absolute steal.
EDIT: I don’t know when you’ll read this, but as of this moment, there's a whopping 52% discount on Airmoto! Snag it now for just $69.00, and they're even throwing in FREE SHIPPING when buying two or more.
Seriously, the relief from constantly questioning, " Where can I check my tire pressure? How do I adjust it? Do I need to find a gas station pump? ", is worth its weight in gold.
After all, I’m a college kid - I don’t have the time, energy, or cash to pump into that kind of worry…or tire replacement!
Airmoto is nothing short of a game-changer.
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